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Manga Eilert And Avis :iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 1 0 Julia's Nineteenth Century Clothes :iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 2 0
Blood Spirit: Eren x F!Reader x Levi
Warning: Language, gore and violence
"Sigh your name!" Mikasa growled at you aggressively while pointing her small knife at the contract that sat right in front of you on a small table "Sign your fucking name!" This time she snarled loudly and angrily like a savaged beast. You can only give her a hard glare as you removed the lid off of your golden quil pen your father gave you as a birthday present. From how things turn up for you, hell is what you're in, and living in this old gothic ghost invested mansion brought your nightmares to life.
How on earth did this whole chaos started you ask? Let us start from the beginning, shall we? I hope you're into ghost stories since you're in it right now.
You are the daughter of a wealthy business man, formally lived in Buffalo New York of the nineteenth century. You are into writing ghost related novels instead of romance, since you're not into those kinds of things. Even though that jackass publisher of yours thinks that it's very unladylike of
:iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 6 0
Red Snow :iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 7 2
Never Surrender: Ch.6 Something Just Like This
"Sebastian! Sebastian over here! Sebastian!"
Many people at the movie premier were screeching and hollering in excitement as a long black limo pulls up beside the red carpet. A tall hulking looking fellow in a black suit, short brown hair, and wearing black sunglasses over his green tinted hazel eyes opened the door for a certain movie celebrity. Two at least, not just one. The fans cheered wildly like teenagers at a rock concert as soon as two people stepped out of the long shiny vehicle.
Out came a tall looking young man wearing a much fancier black suit with a black tie. The man appears to be physically twenty eight, but who knows. He is indeed tall, six feet one to be precise. His fair skin is pale in ivory with a slight grey tint to it, but also has a slight soft warm peachy tone to it to make him look less dead. Other people would like to think that he looks incredibly flawless with that type of skin color, and wondered how he got himself that pale. The man's hair is black as nig
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Four Years Later :iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 2 0
Eren x Fem!Reader Trypophobia AU
(Warning: Language, and if you're triggered by this kind of phobia, don't read)
Definition: Fear of holes
It was a nice sunny day at the zoo. The weather is not too hot, no clouds in the clear blue sky, and there's barely any wind. Oh yes, what a wonderful day it is today. You and your lovable boyfriend, Eren Jaeger, are at the zoo with your high school friends, Armin and Mikasa. Who's idea was it to go to the zoo in the first place? Whelp, lets just say it was your's and Eren's crazy science teacher, Hanji Zoe, decided that everyone in her class should have a nice field trip before school ends for the summer holidays. And the trip itself will last all morning till school is over for the day. Oh joy. 
Your classmates have split up into four groups, obviously Hanji's idea. And everyone agrees to meet up at the snack bar at lunch time. Hanji had gone over some ground rules before releasing you and your classmates, free to explore. But the large water sprinkler section is off limits
:iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 8 0
Never Surrender: Ch.5 No Pressure
Levi sat himself on a small wooden crate outside at the back of the large tea shop to have a nice smoke break, obviously bored out of his mind. Usually the tea shop is busy as hell, but only certain customers come by to buy cold or hot tea to sooth them or lower down their stress level. Lets just say that mostly young employees and other workers, along with students from high school, university, or college drop by. It could be possible that spring break is on the way for most people who are busy with their jobs and studies, and not needed tea to lower their stress level since they have long holiday off.Tea is like coffee after all, but not incredibly strong. Their flavors are strong none the less.
It's getting warm, almost hot. Wearing his work uniform won't be so thrilling when summer arrives. Long sleeve white blouse and black work pants are going to be a real pain in the ass. Why can't his boss let him wear shorts and t-shirts during the summer while at work instead? Levi didn't wan
:iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 0 0
J And The Boys :iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 3 5
Never Surrender: Ch.4 Getting Closer
"So Alan. What do you think about this situation going on at Seventh Avenue?" 
"Well Hillary, it appears that this is the eleventh time this gruesome situation happened. No doubt that the infant is the thirteenth child missing and five more fathers added to the list of their mysterious deaths. Police say that the couple and the child were attacked by some sort of animal, but we don't know what kind that is capable enough to waltz it's way towards their apartment and suddenly flew right into the window inside the nursery. The mother is left unharmed with minor deep cuts and bruises, but unfortunately her husband is not so lucky. Police only found the corpse's arm at the crime scene, the rest of the body is gone" 
"Right now the police are still at the crime scene, investigating. We also have another group coming over to investigate as well, isn't that right, Derrick?" 
"Thank you Hillary. And yes, we do have unexpected group joining in on this investigation. Right now I'm
:iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 0 0
Avis Fuch's Relationships (AOT)
(Spoiler alert! There are a few characters from the manga, so be careful! And a couple from the live action movie)
-Mathilda Fuchs: Avis is very close to her mother and the only parent she ever loved and felt connected to. She is very protective of her, in which Avis is reckless enough to endanger herself in order to save Mathilda's life from near death by the hands of her own husband, and even so far as to commit murder to ensure her safety. Avis shows a lot of concern for her mother, going through lengths to help her make money for the family to survive by fighting on the streets so she wouldn't have to work so much to provide alone, even though Avis herself have to suffer more injuries at the end of each week that is worse as Carl's beatings. When Avis joined the military, she would write letters to Mathilda, but as mission to hunt down Reiner and Zeke proceed, she didn't have the time to write back, which made her feel guilty about it, knowing that her mother is constantly
:iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 0 0
Never Surrender: Ch.3 A Friend
Over the past first week, Julia continued to visit Levi at the hospital. At first the young raven-haired man did not approve of her presence due to his insecurities, but having her around for at least a week actually paid him off. So far, Julia is a chilled, calm, and sweet young woman he had ever met. She may be nice to a lot of people, Levi can tell that behind her cheery smile after watching the news on TV or listening the radio from his car for five years, Julia doesn't take too kindly to her fans' or other people's bullshit. Have you ever heard of a fangirl keeping a damn empty glass jar with the label "Justin Bieber's atmosphere" on it? Creepy yes, and just the thought of fans doing god knows what gives Julia the willies. Strange how it sounds, Levi had his way of observing and studying others. How Julia acts now, she's not afraid to speak her mind out at all.
Sure being alone is peaceful and all, yet Levi couldn't help but f
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Never Surrender Book Cover :iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 2 0
Never Surrender: Ch.2 To Get By
"Aww come on Julia! Those guys invited us to their hotel after your concert! We should definitely accept their invitation! Pretty pleeeease!?" Julia rolled her flaming ruby red eyes as she strolled out of her room and into her kitchen within her large luxury apartment room to fetch some apple juice from the fridge, obviously irritated by her make-up artist's loud high pitch shouts. God she didn't have to holler so much on the damn phone, especially in the morning.
"Stacy, I already told you" Julia sighed "I am not going to a bloody party after my concert. I promised my four little step siblings that I would spend the weekend at their place" The enthusiastic woman, Stacy, whined childishly.
"Your step siblings always hog you! Why can't you just loosen up for a change? Partying always decreases stress!" The black and white-haired female poured a glass of apple juice into a glass cup before grabbing her frying pan from her cabinet where she kept all of her pots an
:iconshadowmassacre134:ShadowMassacre134 0 0
Never Surrender: Ch.1 To Wanna Surrender
Bright white light filled Levi's vision as it blinds him. He couldn't fully see what was going on, but this light felt very welcoming to him, as if an elegant angel had finally embraced him. It's radiant glow felt different somehow, but Levi didn't care. He thought that his wish was finally granted. Life on earth is too much for him, and it never gave him the sense of peace or happiness he longed for ever since he was born.
The world is always cruel to him, and he hated it. What's the point anyway? Levi thought. Life has no meaning for him, and nobody cares about him. Other people use him, abuse him, and even destroy the real him. All they ever do is have the gal to roll him around in the damn dirt, spitting at the young man's face with their vile and ugly words that practically hits him right off the bat. Levi even began to understand that they were right about him. He had no future, and nobody wants to love a drug addict like him. A complete screw up is what they call
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Never Surrender: Prologue
Warning: Mentions of abuse, depression, suicide, and drug addition. If you're uncomfortable or triggered by this, leave please. There is also strong languages as well.
What is the definition of happiness? How does it feel to be so alive without your demons getting in the way the life you're in? Everyone's life is different. Some said their life is perfect, others think that it's ordinary, and there are the unlucky ones who had been through a lot. Hope was never in their mind, nor was faith. The human brain works in many different ways to control your actions, in which could lead to things we are not so proud or happy to have.
Depression is one thing. But what are the rest? Addiction, mental illness, or even disabilities. All of these did not feel great to say the least. We all try to escape from them, but some were not so fortunate. The world we live in is both beautiful, yet cruel at the same time. On the outside, it's perfect. But on the inside, it's hideous. One that has the capabil
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Shingeki No Kyojin OC: Anna Sanders :iconkaisaru:kaisaru 328 128 C-A App: Ae-Hyun Han :iconplatinasi:PlatinaSi 135 147 grumpy Levi :iconredwarrior3:Redwarrior3 86 8 Levi Beanie (Speed Paint) :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 202 14 A Loving Embrace :iconspiritofstars:SpiritOfStars 37 46 this does not bode well... :iconbowie-spawan:Bowie-Spawan 183 80 Kuroshitsuji : Modern Times :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 9,531 754 Kuroshitsuji : Intermission :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 12,043 1,524 checkmate :iconbowie-spawan:Bowie-Spawan 175 106 Fuckin' Block Puzzles :iconkubi-wan:Kubi-Wan 278 85 This is really cruel :icontippy-the-bunny:Tippy-The-Bunny 79 87 Kain and the Lock :icontippy-the-bunny:Tippy-The-Bunny 97 70



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Jamie Khau
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello. Welcome to my account. You may call me by my first name or Shadow if you prefer. I am Canadian, also half Vietnamese and half Chinese. I may be small for my age, but I don't let it go against me. I stand up to 4'10, I look somewhat pale, have brown eyes, natural black hair but I pretty much change it to dark purple and I would always dress up in Gothic Punk clothes. Anime and video games are my life, as well as art and music. Come join the crossover group! ^^ And say hello to my Cannon buddies.

Visit my YouTube channel!…

Age: 20
Height: 4'10
Race/Nationality: Asian/Vietnamese, Chinese, and Canadian
Sign: Gemini
Personality: Quite outgoing, cheery, can be serious, short tempered, calm, shy, sweet, quiet, and defensive.
Occupation: Student, Youtuber, artist in training, and manga creator

Levi Ackerman

Age: 34
Height: 5'3
Race/Nationality: European/French
Sign: Capricorn
Personality: Rude, innapropriate, short tempered, foul mouthed, does have a soft spot, clean freak, abrasive, calm, and can be violent.
Occupation: Famous actor for Attack On Titan

Augh my god. Can't believe this brat is sharing her account with me. Well you brats know me as Levi Ackerman. Call me short and I will kill you. Don't like how I act? Then you can just fuck off, because I don't go soft on all of you, even if you are my fans. Tch! Just drop by and say hi whenever.

Sebastian Michaelis

Age: Unknown, physically 28
Height: 6'1
Race/Nationality: European/British
Sign: Unknown
Personality: Calm, devious, sadistic, friendly, monstrous, does get annoyed, well mannered, kind, and a gentleman.
Occupation: Famous actor for Black Butler

Oh my! And who may you be? It is a pleasure to meet you ^^ Now now, no need to be shy. Introduce yourself to us ;) I am indeed the one and only Sebastian Michaelis. And I am simply one hell of a demon. Feel free to come by and ask me any question to cure your curious mind~


Age: 24
Height: 5'11
Race/Nationality: European/British and French
Sign: Unknown
Personality: Quiet, short tempered, sweet, kind, somewhat shy, confident, and is quite cocky.
Occupation: Famous actor for Castlevania Curse Of Darkness

Hello. How are you? My name is Hector, may or may not heard of me. It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm not quite good with socializing, but I'm still working on it ^^ I will make this clear to you, I am a Devil Forgemaster. Means I once serve Lord Dracula and I do possess his dark powers. Don't be afraid to come and drop by anytime.


Hey guys! I'm going to be talking about my two main Black Butler OCs that I have been developing for five long years. Yup, five long years! It's been going on in my mind for some time, so I thought I should take you guys in on how I develope my OC's and two fanfics I wrote about them.

First Time As A Young Teen:
As a sixteen year old high school student, I've been a huge Kuroshitsuji fan ever since my cousin mentioned to me about the anime series. So after watching the first and second season too many times, I decided to create my OC's like how everyone else did on the Internet.

I created Julia Michaelis first, because she was on my mind the entire time I've been thinking of some ideas to what my first OC be like. I thought I make her the daughter of my favourite cannon character from the anime series, Sebastian Michaelis. I pretty much see Sebastian as a papa bear to Ciel, even though his relationship with the boy is mostly a master and servant type. That's how Julia came to be. I know that in the Kuroshitsuji universe, it is unknown if demons like Sebastian can produce offsprings of their own, but because halfbreeds are in fact do exist, I made sure that Julia's mother is human. 

After doing some research about halfbreeds, I created Julia to be one of the most powerful demon hybrids that are far more fearsome than demons. Basically her level of strength and skill comes from the main character of the Devil May Cry series, Dante. Dante is the son of the demon knight, Sparta, and a human mother named Eva. 

At first I made Julia a human demon hybrid before she started living in the modern times with Sebastian, I ended up making her a half angel later on. Because her mother is human who passed away back in the nineteenth century, she is an angelic spirit. Julia's mother offered half of her angelic soul into Julia to save her life, after Carmella had tore Julia's heart out in my old fanfic I created a long time ago. I got rid of it though, because my form of writing sucks as hell, and there's a lot of errors that is too much and too overwhelming for me to fix. 

Hunter Michaelis is my second Kuroshitsuji OC. After writing my old fanfic, I decided to add another OC, and Hunter had happened to be in the picture. I did had a lot of trouble creating her, because I honestly don't know what she should look like, or what should her purpose be in the Kuroshitsuji community. At first I wanted her to be born in the nineteenth century like Julia, but I decided that her backstory should be a little different. After about a year of deciding for Hunter's character development, I thought I should put her in the modern times of the late sixties. 

Like Julia, I happened to make Hunter more powerful as a newborn demon, because I believe that newborns are much dangerous than both humans and other demons. Then there's the fact that I never made up my damn mind how old Hunter should be stuck in as a dead human. At first I wanted to her die at the age of seventeen, but I crossed that out and made her physically twenty two years old, because that fits her more. It's also unknown if demons like Sebastian can create other demons by using dead human bodies, but I can assume that he has his own ways of tainting a human soul.

Oh Crap! Mary Sue Alert!: 

As I grew older, I think around 18 years of age, I looked back at my old fanfics and two of my OC's, I literally cringed and freaked out over at their overly failed Infos and what not. I used to roleplay back then, but not anymore. Looking back, I also realized that I made my OCs a complete Mary Sue! I'm just like "Holy shit! What have I done!?" Oh yeah, I really regret my younger teenage years ^^" I was a really dumb kid to, since I don't even know about Mary Sues back in my young teenage years. So after researching about Mary Sues, I literally started fixing Julia and Hunter like a complete madman. 

As for their physical appearance? I didn't want to make them overly attractive, so I stick to the normal look of average women. No super curvey figure or having bigger busts or ass for that matter. I know it's weird how Julia looks with white bangs, but that is part of her character. I made her to have Mary Antionete Syndrome, like how Kaneki has in Tokyo Ghoul. That doesn't turn Julia's hair fully white at an instant though. The only reason why she has white bangs in the first place, is because Sebastian was able calm Julia down since she was overly stressed and overwhelmed with fright and anxiety. That's the condition of Mary Antionate Syndrome. If the person suffers through overwhelming traumatic experience or going through extreme stress, fear and anxiety, then their hair turns white. The syndrome's is named after the empress of France, Mary Antionatte. 

I did make Hunter's hair bright red as poppy flowers, which gives her more fiery and tough look to her appearance. Hunter would mostly be portrayed by a female movie actress with natural looking fiery ginger red hair in real life though, since rich red colour from a cartoon style drawing and natural red hair in reality is obviously different. In real life, Hunter would be seen with natural looking fiery red ginger haired 

Not only did I recreated two of my female OC's, I have to study the universe of Kuroshitsuji and the demonic origins more for the both of them. Since Julia is currently a Nephelem in my new fanfic, Never Surrender, I have to make sure that she still has human qualities in her. Even though I made her to be a demon angel hybrid, that doesn't make her perfect. I pretty much stick to the Kuroshitsuji universe for Julia, because as the daughter of Sebastian, she does possess his powers, along with his demonic side. However, she is not as strong as him, therefore she is still lacking strength and grace of a true mighty demon. The only reason for this, is because Julia is incredibly young. In the modern times, she is at least over a hundred years old, her powers did grow stronger a little bit over those long years of being immortal, but her ranking is still low. Julia will be old and powerful as Sebastian one day, but not to the point where she actually surpasses him. She does develope a split personality disorder as a child, but that doesn't make her any special. There is a reason behind it, and that involves symbolism behind Julia's personality, one being the kind, compassionate, and sweet girl she is, and other, having a more monsterous and sadistic nature as Sebastian. Julia is somewhat the embodiment of good and evil, which is why she is a Nephelem in the first place. That doesn't make her religious though, just what she is now and her split personality disorder.

Hunter is the same to, except she's a newborn demon. As a result, Hunter is bound to Sebastian for all eternity, since it was him who brought her back to life. But because Hunter is not strong as either him or Julia in the beginning, she has to be taught how to use her new powers. As a newborn, Hunter does have a lot of trouble controlling her own strong arches, like bloodlust or hunger for souls, etc, because after being brought back to life, her new life and journey as a newborn is not meant to be easy. I want to mention that there are malevolent and demonic spirits that have the power to drive anyone off the edge, if they are newborn demons of course, and that's when I thought of Hunter being mind controlled and manipulated by a demonic spirit after helping out an old friend of mine on a new fanfic. That's when I have Hunter wallow her heart in guilt and self hatred after killing many innocent people against her will by the dark entity. The same entity that haunted her ever since she was just a child.

Now keep in mind, Hunter is not like Sebastian in any way. She is nowhere being close to being physically strong and smart as him because she still has her human qualities. Being a demon doesn't make her automatically the brightest person in the world. Because Hunter has been a demon for over thirty years, her powers increased only a little bit at the time, obviously because she is incredibly young. She did awaken her powers first hand due to some horrific experiences she had that caused her to let her own emotions flared, just like Julia. Hunter is still young though and still growing as a demon. I made her the embodiment of hatred, because it does come from her character and also helps her to develope throughout her new life as a demon. Because she had seen how the world is through a demon's eyes, Hunter has hatred towards humanity, even herself as a naive human being she once was for not opening her eyes to reality more. I did wanted to make Hunter a very bitter person since she does carry a lot of pride as a demon. After thinking over of how she will develope more, I made Hunter as some sort of a demon slayer who works for an organization run by a vampire. She may not know it, but it was her job as a slayer that made her slowly revert back to her old human self, the ability to have compassion for others. It also made her realize that there are a lot of humans who are not as dark or evil as the ones who caused chaos like war, bloodshed, and riots. That made her have respect towards those with courage, spirit, bravery, and having responsibilities. 

I know a lot of people do get really annoyed about OC's having tragic back stories, so I made sure that both Julia's and Hunter's back stories are not too overly dramatic, to the point where everyone should feel sorry for them. I made sure that they are realistic that is obviously based on the real life issues and hardships that do exist in our world. I don't want you guys to feel sorry for my OC's to be honest. You can if you want to, but having to deal with harsh realities in life does help them develope their character. As mentioned before, Hunter is a very bitter person because of her past life as a human. Julia did develope trust issues, gets scarred for life, and does get paranoid due to being dirtied by human traffickers back in the nineteenth century. However, both of my OC's slowly learned to let the past go and move on like normal humans would. 

How I Picture The Universe In Fanfic:

When it comes to writing fanfics for my two OC's, I mostly stick to both the traditional modern day world and the Victorian Era. Julia was born in the Victorian Era, so she obviously had to wear dresses and a maid's outfit all the time. However, she doesn't come from a rich noble family like Ciel, so as a child to her teen years, Julia wears normal and boring looking dresses, outerwear, shoes, and hats. Throughout the ages, Julia does change her sense of style all the way to the twenty first century. Not only that, she does go to school every four years since the years itself do change a lot when you're immortal. And Julia obviously needed to learn different systems of the new century and so forth, because not everything stays the same. Hunter is is born in the late sixties, so obviously I stick to the traditional old fashioned modern day world things like jukeboxes, clothes, technology, etc. 

Not only did I keep both universes original, I also stick to original origins of monsters, mythical beasts, and demons. Example, their rankings, species, and other. Like I said before, both Julia and Hunter are young since they are not old and powerful as Sebastian or other superior demons in the underworld. I made sure that their own demonic powers and abilities grow very slowly as they grew older. 

I still didn't want them to be seen as overpowering characters, and so demon weapons are made in my fanfics. It is based off of Claude Faustus's demon sword, and I stuck to its traditional history from season two of Kuroshitsuji. Of course, that means Hunter will not be as invincible as she thinks she is for using her large demon scythe. As mentioned in the Wiki of Kuroshitsuji, the demon sword feeds off only one demonic soul, and it will be useless against other demons afterwards. You guys saw how Hannah Annafellows tosses the sword away after pulling out of Claude's corpse, right? She knows the sword itself is satisfied with the soul it devoured and is no longer a useful weapon. Therefore I kept that same effect on Hunter's demon scythe if she uses it on Sebastian's kind. Julia's black demon sword is the same to. 

As as far as immortality goes for them, Hunter and Julia can still die by receiving a mortal wound through the heart or having their heads decapitated by demon weapons. They also can't regenerate lost limbs when being sliced by them as well. 

Monsters are easy for them to kill, but when it comes to dealing with supernatural creatures, it is complicated. Depending on their rankings, Julia and Hunter can only destroy demonic beings that are low to medium rank. Demons like Sebadtian who lived longer than anyone else are very deadly to them. 

In my fanfic, Never Surrender, I also stick to the traditional prejudice between two worlds. You know, like how humans and monsters are not allowed to coexist that sort of thing, or else there will be a lot of consequences or punishments for it. The antagonist in my fanfic is involved in trying to punish both the supernatural and the world for coexistence, since demons do secretly coexist with humans. Also, demons don't understand how human emotions work or know how to deal with different kinds of situations like them. Let's say if a demon falls in love with a human, then it will have to go through various of negative things in the process. Example, it's human lover decides to cheat on them, then the demon itself would mostly go after its ex-lover and kill them out of pure hated, betrayal, and vengeance. Yup, I wanted to keep demons as they are to in my fanfics, since they mostly feel nothing but negative energy or emotions in real life. 

Alrighty! That's all I want to talk about! If you guys need any help with your Kuroshitsuji OCs or have any questions, let me know ^^ Stay awesome you guys!


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